Programs & Presentations

I am available for in person presentations and competition judging to photo groups. I also offer one-on-one mentoring to individuals either in person or online.

Please contact me for availability and to schedule a webinar or program date.

The following programs and presentations are available to photography individuals, groups or clubs, either in person or remotely online via zoom as a webinar.

Aerial Drone Program

This drone program will cover the basics of getting started in aerial photography and basic FAA regulations you need to be aware of. 

It will also talk about how to find interesting subjects to photograph, choosing a drone,  proper exposures and compositions.

Finally we will talk about how to expand your land photography by adding a whole new dimension with a flying camera .

Water Drop Photography Simplified

Water Drop Photography Simplified provides the steps involved in the successful creation of stunning high speed liquid drop photographs in a simple and easy to understand manner.

We will review the necessary gear and walk you thru the steps you need to take so you too can create these images on your own. 

Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop

This presentation will cover basic editing techniques to develop your digital images using Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop CC software.

We will also take a dive into how to take your images to the next level using my go to techniques when processing my images in the digital darkroom.

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