Susan Candelario / SDC Photography Policy

By signing up and attending, you agree to not hold Susan Candelario and/or SDC Photography and/or any of its leaders, employees, associates or co-leaders responsible for any or all personal injury or loss that may occur during or in related with any of our workshops, meet-ups or photo tours. You are responsible for your own safety and personal property at all times.  

When you sign up for a workshop or meet-up you are certifying that you are in good general health and that you do not have any physical or other type of disabilities that would limit your participation or that of the other participants in the planned activities and event. You also agree to not place either yourself or other participants in any type of danger. 

Cancellations and Refunds

Susan Candelario holds the right to cancel and reschedule any event if circumstances arise that would make holding the event detrimental in any way.

Participating members will be given a new date the event will be rescheduled to.

No refund or reschedule will be offered if the member cancels within 30 days of the scheduled date, unless the spot is filled by someone else.

Code of Conduct

You agree to adhere to any rules or regulations that might be in place at a certain location or event.

Each participating member will conduct themselves in a civil manner to everyone in the group. There will be absolutely no tolerance for rude or improper behavior. We will offer a reminder if necessary prior to being asked to leave the group immediately if the behavior continues. 

If you have to be asked to leave, you will not receive a  refund and it will be your responsibility in every aspect to leave the group immediately. 

These workshops, meet-ups and photo tours are supposed to be fun and enjoyable to all. 

Please be aware of your surroundings and be polite to other members in the group. 


If you will be traveling to a specific destination travel insurance is highly recommended.

We thank you very much for your cooperation.

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