Membership Has It’s Rewards

For many of the people that know me, they are aware  that I have been a member of the National Association of Photoshop Users better known as (NAPP) since it’s inception.  I have been using Adobe Photoshop since the very early versions, which now a days looking back at them they look quite primitive compared to the updated CS versions. CS5 being the latest at this time.

I am also an Adobe Photoshop Extended Certified Expert. That is the official title that Adobe assigns to a person in the certificate that you are awarded, when you successfully pass their  rigorous exam. In no way do I think or believe I am an expert.   I honestly feel that there is something new to learn everyday .

Logo that is provided and authorized by Adobe, when you successfully pass their rigorous exam.

At any rate my blog post was intended more so, for the many people I regularly meet that are so eager to learn about Photoshop and Photography and have never heard of this wonderful association that NAPP is.

As a member you get many perks. Not only is the monthly magazine that you receive filled with chuck full of nuts of great information and useful tips,  you also receive discounts to a number of different softwares, plugins and hardware companies,  just to name a few.  You even get free shipping from B&H Photo for being a member.

You  also have access to the entire website which is filled with tons of tutorials and learning videos.

They also have a help desk available to you  24/7.  Any question you may have, or technique you would like to explore is only an email away. They are very quick to respond and provide you with links, videos, tutorials, solutions or articles that will answer your questions and take you in the right direction.

Another great reason to become a member is the monthly discount you receive to Kelby Training. It’s like the sister company of NAPP. As a member you only pay $19.99 for a full month or $24.95 for non members. Better yet, they offer specials like the one they are running again this week for their yearly membership for only $159.00 for one entire year if you are a member of NAPP or $179.00 for non members. For little over half a dollar a day you have access to the many online courses that they offer by world renowned photographers and digital gurus as your instructors.

At Kelby Training you have access to their entire on-demand training library, view as many different courses as you want and go at your own pace as many times as you feel you need to. You can even download images and materials for you to follow along.

I do offer private lessons on a one to one basis, which many people just starting out prefer.  Either in person, over the phone or online, I have been teaching and sharing my  knowledge with others, but still encourage them to become members of NAPP.

Again I have been told on a number of occasions by many people I have tutored that they initially prefer a hands on, one on one lesson by an Adobe certified  person and that is why I continue to do it. I guess initially, they feel the need to be in their comfort zone.


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