National Photography Month – More HDR’s – A Special Offer from Nik Software

Gillette Castle

William Gillette’s Office – I tone mapped this HDR image using NIk’s HDR Efex Pro & applied various filters from the Nik Color Efex Pro Collection       © Susan Candelario

Ok… How & when did this month become National Photography Day is beyond me.  I did a brief google search to find an official source and found none. But the consensus all around the web is that May is National Photography Day! Does this mean we should all be photographing more than usual?  I say yes, so that’s my story and I am sticking to it. So what if people think I am just using that as an excuse to do more of what I love doing.

Another thought I had was, is a Hallmark Card in order for our photographer fiends & collegues? Well I am not sure of the answer on that one, but hopefully before the end of the month I will have some spare time to design a card and send it along.

At any rate the good news is that until the end of May Nik Software is offering a 20% discount to existing customers that wish to upgrade their existing Nik Software products. I have been using their software since 2003 and have been recommending it ever since. If you do not yet own any of their software and wish to purchase it, you can receive a 15% discount by using my promo code. Just enter SCANDELARIO in the coupon section of the order form and it will automatically be applied.

Gillette's Castle Stairs

Gillette Castle – one of the stairways to the third floor – William Gillette took his role as Sherlock Holmes pretty serious and you will also find secret passages that he had built through out the castle © Susan Candelario

Gillette Castle bookshelf in office

Gillette’s book collection in his office at the castle © Susan Candelario

Gillette Castle Foyer

Foyer leading to the entrance of the Living Room of Gillette Castle © Susan Candelario

Gillette Castle Exterior view

The exterior of the Castle on a stormy day – After processing the HDR image with Nik’s Software, I decided to create a reflection in Photoshop. I guess it kind of reminded me of the heavy rains we had prior to our  arrival at the Castle                         © Susan Candelario



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