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Ok… maybe not totally photography related but in a sort of a way it is. Please read on.

After personally getting tired of trying a number of different well known high end & unknown, most & least expensive skin care product lines in the market and wasting my time and money, I finally found some time to re-join BeautiControl again. I originally joined 20 years ago because I fell in love with the products, the cost & the results. I just recently started using the products again and after only a couple of weeks you can visually see the difference in my skin.

The results are truly amazing & you have to try them to experience what I am sharing with you. I would never recommend or endorse anything that I really did not believe was worth it.

After doing some research I found that through the years the company has continued to be on the leading edge in all aspects of the beauty industry by introducing numerous anti-aging products as well as the latest in home spa treatments.  All of BeautiControl’s products are botantical based with the best of science and nature.  Everything except the eye pencils are made in the US and they do not test on animals.

I recently attended my new training & received my re-certified status. (no comments on the the certified status please ;o=) I am planning a Girls Spa/Wine/Cheese Night get together and once I have all of the details set I will let you know. In the meantime please check out my new BeautiControl website page @

BeautiControl is a great company whether you’re looking for great products or a home based business opportunity. I wanted to share my honest & wonderful experience with you & help you with all your skin care, spa, and beauty needs.

Now… the reason I said at the beginning that in a way it was sort of related  to photography was because, if you are a portrait, wedding or event photographer as I am… You will often have clients wanting to look great on their big day and asking for your advice. By recommending a good skin care regimen & makeup line will help them look their very best. Not to mention less Photoshop retouching for us editing the images afterwards.

Take care & hope to talk soon,

PS: Some have asked why the comments on my blog have been closed. The reason being has been my hectic schedule as of late and the amount of daily e-mails I receive.  Therefore I have had very little time for much and moderating the comments on a timely fashion has not been possible for me at this time.



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