Zooming Graffiti Bus

Zooming Graffiti Bus HDR

Zooming Graffiti Bus ©2011 Susan Candelario SDC Phtotography

I photographed the colorful Graffiti Bus at the Trains & Trolleys graveyard while on a Roamin with Roman photo excursion. The bus is completely decorated with graffiti art and when I was photographing it as well as when I was processing the HDR exposures, it evoked a feeling of a massive color explosion.

At the time when I was at the graveyard the lighting was harsh which of course created a very high contrasty scene. Therefore an in camera zoom/spin blur was not an option for me. But thinking digitally as I often do, I knew at the time that I could achieve that look in my digital darkroom.

So after tone-mapping the exposures using Unified HDR Express, I decided to apply the Motion Blur filter in Topaz Lens Effects plugin for Photoshop. I wanted to give the image a look that more closely resembled my feelings of a color explosion.

Graffiti HDR Bus

Graffiti HDR Bus ©2011 Susan Candelario SDC Phtotography

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