Happy Valentine’s Day!

water and milk drop splash collision with heart shape

My Fluid Heart ©2012 Susan Candelario SDC Photography

Several weeks ago I had my good friends and great photographers Betty Willey, Dr. Nick Palmieri and Roman Kurywczak over to do some water drop photography. Not only did we have a barrel of fun but what made it more enjoyable was being surrounded by such talented people, because you really never know what will develop.

The image above is the result of using a long exposure time value of 1.3 sec while triggering the Time Machine twice during the exposure. Although that does not afford you enough time to allow for the water to settle between drops and give you a nice smooth ripple effect in the water, it creates some unique and interesting shapes as in the image above. And for those who might be wondering…. No, the heart shape is not Photoshopped.

I thought the Heart shape on top of the initial drops colliding would make for a perfect Happy Valentine’s Day wish for all.




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