Definitely not at Starbucks!!!

Vintage Cash Register at Ellis Island Museum

Vintage Cash Register at Ellis Island Museum, located in Liberty State Park in New York City

We have been pretty busy with our professional photography business and have had little time for much lately, including doing a quick blog post. So today I figured a take a quick break and post some recent images from one of our recent trips to Liberty State Park.

The opening image is from a cash register which is on exhibit at the Ellis Island Museum. In order to give it an even more vintage look and feel, I knocked out the surrounding elements from the register in Photoshop and applied a couple of my texture images to it.

If you look carefully at the register you will notice that the maximum cash amount back then was $1.00. That would not even get you a small single espresso coffee cup at Starbucks nowadays, much less a Latte.

Staircase at Ellis Island

“Up or Down We Go” Staircase at Ellis Island

"A view to New York City"

“A view to New York City” from the CRRNJ and Ellis Island Ferry Terminal

Window to Freedom

One of the circular windows reflected on the restored tiles in the Registry Hall in Ellis Island Liberty State Park.

Statue of Liberty in New York City

“Lady Liberty” Mossaic photograph of the Statue of Liberty in New York City

I tone-mapped my HDR exposures using Unified HDR Expose. I also applied either OnOne Perfect Effects, Topaz Adjust or Nik Color Efex Pro to the images for further enhancements in Adobe Photoshop.




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