Radio City Music Hall Photo Workshop

Ladies Room

"Ladies Only" ~ One of the Ladies Lounge at the Art Deco Radio City Music Hall Theatre in NYC ©2012 Susan Candelario SDC Photography

We concluded our first Radio City Music Hall Photo Workshop with Roamin’ with Roman last Sunday. We could not have asked for better weather, or friendlier and fun participants.

The early morning started out photographing the TD New York City Bike Tour which passed right outside of Radio City. Many of us enjoyed doing some pan blurs and different types of images with the Radio City Marquee in the background welcoming the bikers.

After greeting/meeting the many participants outside and going over settings etc. it was time to enter the Iconic Theatre for our private Photo Tour.  I can honestly say that despite the larger than normal size of the workshop it was a real pleasure to be surrounded by such a fantastic group.

The staff was fantastic and great to deal with. A Big thanks again goes out to my hubby Anthony for all the hard work he does, not only behind the scenes, but also during the workshop.

Radio City Music Hall Theatre ~ I added the spotlight on the stage in Photoshop and went for a dark look that is typical in theatres.

Radio City Music Hall Theatre ~ The crew prepares for Anita Baker's performance in the evening. I added the stage light with a brush in Photoshop and made the image darker which is the typical lighting in theaters. ©2012 Susan Candelario SDC Photography

We concluded the workshop by raffling off door prices sponsored by Unified Color and Topaz Labs. Thanks to both Unified and Topaz for their generous support.

The grand finale was the cherry in the top and truly a surprise to Roman, Anthony & myself, when all the participants broke out applauding at the end of the tour. It was a great feeling and put a a big smile on our faces.


We had a number of people left on the waiting list that we were unable to accommodate this time, since when this past workshop was announced within a week it was already sold out. Many of Sunday’s participants expressed interest in participating again in the next Radio City Photo Workshop and the date and all the particulars has already been in the works and will be announced shortly and most likely with an added surprise bonus.

We will also be having a photo contest from images captured at the workshop which is open only to the participants and it will be juried by votes from all the participants to select a winner. Roman will be sending out his newsletter with all the details soon and posting it on his blog.

"Gentlemen Only" ~ One of the various Radio City Music Hall's Old Fashioned Mens Room ©2012 Susan Candelario SDC Photography

My images in this blog post are all HDR images tonemapped with HDR Express and further enhanced with Topaz Adjust 5 and Topaz De-Noise Photoshop plugins.

Both Unified Color and Topaz Labs offer a free 30 day fully functional downloadable trial. If interested in trying their software I have some discount codes listed at the ride side of my blog under affiliates.

Radio City Music Hall Theatre ~ I also added the stage light in Photoshop to my image as well as the curtain. I also moved the piano in the stage below the spotlight. ©2012 Susan Candelario SDC Photography






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