Tribute In Lights

"Tribute In lights"

“Tribute In lights” Two towers of lights beam over the lower Manhattan sky from The Tribute In Lights memorial in remembrance of the terrorist attacts on September 11, 2001. ©2012 Susan Candelario SDC Photography

The Tribute in Lights photograph above is just one of the images I was lucky enough to capture during tonights trial run that only lasted a couple of hours. 

I say lucky because I had no intentions of going to a specific destination today and waiting in the hopes they would perform a practice run this evening. But when I saw from my window one faint beam of light south of the Freedom Tower in the distance, I got my gear in the car and ran out without even knowing exactly where I was headed to.

I ended up at the waterfront in Jersey City and was able to capture a number of photographs on this clear evening tonight.

The lights are scheduled to be turned on tomorrow Tuesday, September 11th at sunset and will remain on until sunrise Wednesday morning as a memorial to the victims of the terror attacks of 2001.

Hopefully tomorrow’s weather will be as great as it was this evening, when I was even able to see stars over the Manhattan skyline. If such is the case I plan on visiting a couple of different spots in order to capture The Tribute In Lights memorial from assorted locations.




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