Fonthill Castle Study

A View From The Study

A View From The Study – A view to the gazebo in the garden, from the richly decorated with tiles balcony at Fonthill Castle’s Library room. Fonthill Castle was home to Henry Chapman Mercer and is over a century old.

This is one of the images I captured during our recent Fonthill Castle meetup workshop last weekend. Fonthill Castle is one of those venues that no matter how many times I have been there before, I always see something new to photograph.

The above image is composed of 7 exposures that I tone-mapped using Unified HDR Expose 3 and used the “Charge More Money Strong”  filter in OnOne Perfect Effects.  Both Unified Expose and OnOne offer fully functional 30 day free trials. If you would like to purchase HDR Expose 3 you can use code SDCPHOTOGRAPHY for a 10% discount.

We will be having another Fonthill Castle workshop this year on Sunday, November 17th. I you would like to join us you can get all the details by visiting the following link. Fonthill Castle Fall Workshop.


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