Topaz Simplify Sale

Topaz Simplify Sale

Topaz Labs is running a 50% promotion from February 13th – to February 28th, 2014,  for the upgraded version of  their Topaz Simplify software, which lets you turn photos into art + paintings with a single click.

Topaz Simplify enables people to get a fine-art painted look without spending tons of time in Photoshop, and there’s lots of really cool things that you can do with it.

From now until the end of the month you can purchase Topaz Simplify for the low price of $19.99 by entering febsimplify in the discount code tab during your checkout process.

Create art that is uniquely yours!

Topaz Labs Simplify 5

Don’t just pick a filter from a list. Topaz Simplify gives you a set of tools to create art that only you can make. Build a wide assortment of effects such as watercolors, oil paintings, cartoons, charcoal drawings, sketches, and more.

A stream of water flows thru gathered warm colored fall foliage leaves. Image has a slight digital enhancement for a more painterly and soft look and feel. (Susan Candelario / SDC Photography)

I photographed the image above titled “Autumn Stream” a few years ago in Ricketts Glen State Park in Pennsylvania.  I wanted to give the image a slight painterly look and feel so I applied Topaz Simplify as my base filter tweaking the settings to taste in order to achieve the look I was after for this particular image.

Topaz Simplify comes with many presets that can either give you a one click look that will make you happy or enable you to simply tweak the many settings in the different tabs to create a look of your own.  The latter is my preferred method, after selecting a preset as a base starting point.

I own the entire Topaz Labs Software Suite and use them often in my digital workflow.  Not only are they affordable, but they easily become an integral part of the arsenal of digital photographers that are looking to further enhance their images during post processing.



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