New Jersey Shore Milky Way Rising

New Jersey Shore Milky Way Rising

NJ Shore Milky Way Rising

New Jersey Shore Milky Way Rising – A star filled sky along with the Milky Way rising at the Jersey Shore.

Milky Way Photographs

Our Solar System is in the Milky Way galaxy. It’s appearance is dim and milky, hence the name. It is hard to distinguish with the naked eye, specially in areas with lots of light pollution as in the North East of the United States.

The Milky Way’s Galactic Center is the brightest part. The image above is a long exposure photographed by the Belmar Pier at the NJ shore. I photographed it in the wee hours of the night during a cold but cloudless night.

It was interesting to barely be able to see it with my bare eyes in the dark sky due to the heavy light pollution and see that I had been able to record the Milky Way with my digital camera in the LCD after the long exposure.

Since the East Coast is not generally associated with dark skies or astrophotography, it made all the planning for the best possible conditions, technique, gear etc., as well as enduring cold temperatures and a sleepless night worth it to me at the end, when I was rewarded with the Milky Way capture I was able to make.

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