Harvest Full Moon

Harvest Moon At Castle Rock

It’s always exciting for me to see and be able to photograph the moon rising. This Harvest Full Moon was one of the last one of summer of 2021.

This year, the September full moon is the fourth of the season’s four full moons. That’s the fourth moon of summer for the Northern Hemisphere.

The visually big size of the Harvest full moon rising behind this eclectic castle gives it a beautiful eerie feeling perfect for the upcoming Halloween day celebration.

Castle Rock is the estate of former Illinois Central Railroad president William H. Osborn in Garrison, New York, United States.

It sits on a hill above the Hudson River and it has become one of the most recognizable man-made landmarks of the Hudson Highlands in New York.

The castle is located approximately 600 feet above the Hudson River in the Hudson Valley area of New York.

In 1855 Osborn, visited the Highlands to take in the fresh air and scenic beauty of the area. He enjoyed his visit so much that he decided to buy the property where Castle Rock and its associated properties now stands.

He and his family spent summers in Wing and Wing until the castle was completed the year before he retired from the railroad industry as president of the Chicago, St. Louis and New Orleans Railroad.

He lived there until his death in 1894, devoting his time and money to philanthropic activities in New York.

The Osborn Castle Rock was listed on the National Register of Historic Places In 1977.

This image is available in color as well as in a black and white version.

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