Wildfires Sun and Moon

EWR Inbound Sunset – United Airlines airplane final descent is inbound to Newark NJ EWR and the setting sun behind it. The Canadian forest wildfires smoke drifted to the northeast of the United States and gave the sun, moon and skies some interesting colors.

The sun and moon have taken on an eerie red hue in recent days, due to the massive amount of smoke billowing from Canadian wildfires.

The Canadian wildfire smoke has caused the northeastern part of the United States sun and moon to take on unusually beautiful colors.

Crescent Moon – The Crescent Moon sets and it is seen by the illuminated Dream Wheel ferris wheel at American Dream mall in Rutherford, New Jersey.

Smoke from the Canadian wildfires has cast a hazy veil over the Northeast, making the sun and moon appear strange colors.

Hazy Setting Sun – The wildfires in Canada have impacted the NYC skies. It has resulted in some dazzling, smokey and colorful sunrises and sunsets in many parts of the US.

As the sun sets in the Northeast western sky, it casts a beautiful orange hue on the smoke from the wildfires. The moon is also a stunning sight, appearing red in color.

Here are a few of the images I was able to capture this week.

These images are also available as a black and white. To view additional images please visit www.susancandelario.com. For licensing information please contact me. Thank You, Susan Candelario


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