A Drop of Sunflowers & more

Sunflower Dew

Sunflower Dew – Close up view of a Sunflower petal leaf with as Sunflower reflected through a water drop from the early morning dew

I could not help but notice the dew drops that had naturally formed on the tips of the leaves of some flowering plants. The plants are sitting on our dinning room table waiting to be planted in the yard.  Spring has officially arrived, but not according to the weather we have been having lately. In fact on Saturday the torrential rains & the almost hurricane force winds was starting to look like a reenactment of the Great Flood.  I felt the prevailing winds and thunder, and pondered that at any moment perhaps Noah’s Ark would appear. But that did not stop me or many of us I am sure,  from doing what we enjoy best… which is to make photographs. I photographed indoors and had a good time at it. And as the old saying goes the calm after the storm arrived on Sunday. It was a great day to take the photo making outside again.

Kermit Hangs Out

Kermit Hangs Out ~ A cute green tree Frog resting on top of a pretty Pink Calla Lily Flower.

At any rate I recently got all of these plants at William’s Nursery in Westfield, NJ.  Williams Nursery is the venue where Roman Kurywzack from Roamin with Roman Photo Tours will be conducting a Flower Macro Photography workshop on Saturday June 4th, which I will help co-lead with him. As anticipated there are only a couple of slots left for the afternoon session and he has added a morning session as well in order to accommodate the number of participants that have already signed up. For additional details & information kindly visit Roman’s or my website.

Cala Lily Closeup

Cala Lily flower Closeup with magnificent colors and almost a glow to it

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