Who said you have to sleep at night?

Starry Night Star Trails

A Lake Placid abandoned barn under the stars trails.

When the Digital Guide Of Night Photography was released by my friend Roman Kurywzack from Roamin’ with Roman Photo Tours, I read the easy to understand guide  filled with some magnificent photographs to boot and was eager to give it a try right away. But due to conflicts in schedules  and weather conditions I had to be patient and anxiously wait until I was able to give it a try. One thing Nature Photography teaches you very quickly is to be patient.

This past weekend it all came together… so Nick Palmieri, Roman, Anthony & myself headed out to the Adirondacks/Lake Placid area and had a blast photographing a number of different subjects, but the icing on my cake was the Star Points & Star Trails we created at various locations.

I will never forget looking up at the Celestial Heavens and being in awe of the beautiful showcase and knowing that I was just an hour away from viewing the Star Fest recorded in the LCD of my camera.

I enjoy the diversification that photography offers. I don’t really like limitations. I welcome new challenges and get excited with them. I could not imagine doing the same thing all the time, it would bore me immensely.

So when I am asked what is my specialty in photography, or which area I enjoy the most, I simply answer none in particular and mostly all areas of photography thrill me and I try as many as I can.  I love expanding my horizons, learning and trying something new each day, and improving my skills every opportunity I can.

In my photography I really take the old saying to heart… “Variety is the spice of life” But being proficient in different subject matter or areas takes work and dedication and with such, the goal is obtainable to many who try.

So remember that you don’t have to put the camera away when night falls. The night offers magnificent opportunities to create some unique photographs. I know I can’t wait to try it again.

I would like to thank my honey Anthony for his patience and understanding (We were up for 24 hours straight, arriving back at the house close to 5:00am on Sunday) as well as Nick & Roman  very much. It was a great and exciting outing, filled with good company, laughs, food & good photographs! It doesn’t get any better and life is good.

If you are interested in capturing Night Images I strongly recommend you purchasing the guide by clicking on it’s link above. It is filled with lots of great tips and info which will save you time and you will be creating night images in no time.  I feel fortunate to have created mine with the author by my side and if you would like that too you can always go on one of his Photo Tours as well.









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