Thinking of Upgrading to Photoshop CS6?

Adobe Photoshop CS6

Adobe Photoshop CS6

You bet I am…  and I am sure you will want to as well, when you see the great improvements and added features to the new CS6 version.

It was great to be personally invited by Adobe Labs to be part of their beta testers for the latest release of their flagship photo editing software; Photoshop CS6. Of course when you agree to their invitation you must sign a confidentially agreement and are not able to discuss anything pertaining to the development. But I do confess, I could not wait for it to go public.

I was eager for the beta version to be released to the general public so that everyone could experience hands on the amazing new upgrade.

Here are just a few of my personal favorite new features:

~ The new content aware move tool

~ The redesigned crop tool

~ The new Adaptive Wide Angle filter

~ The new blur filter

~ The Oil Paint filter (it was available as a free add-on plugin at the Adobe Exchange site. It is now part of the upgrade,  with some slight modifications and the image size limitation is no longer an isssue

Those are just a few of my favorites, but trust me there are many, many great new features.  For those of you like me using the extended version, you will find lots of goodies in that area as well.

To download the trial beta version follow this link: Adobe Photoshop CS6 beta download for Mac or PC

I have included a link below for some great video tutorials from the guys and gals that I love over at the NAPP (National Association of Photoshop Users) website. If you want to get up to speed, or simply learn about the new features be sure to visit the site.

Adobe Photoshop CS6 Launch Center


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