High Voltage In New York City

Lightning Strikes in NYC

“High Voltage In New York City” Lighting bolts brighten the Manhattan skyline during a severe summer thunderstorm. ©2012 Susan Candelario SDC Photography

The above image is from Wednesday, July 26,2012 summer lightning and thunderstorm. The Empire State Building is lit up in Red, White and Blue colors, in Celebration of 2012 London Olympics which is being hosted in London, England.

The colors: North side: Red, White, Blue – United States of America
West side: Red, Blue, White – Great Britain
South side: Red, White, Blue – United States of America
East side: Red, Blue, White – Great Britain

This is a 3 multiple exposure image which I took into Nik’s Software new HDR Efex Pro 2 and tonemapped. I have to say I am loving the upgrade and the results I am getting from it.

If I  had previously wanted to merge more than one image as such, I would’ve had to export them as layers into Photoshop and employed the use of layer mask.  I thought about trying it in the Hdr Efex Pro 2  last night when I was back from shooting the storm… and once again the updated version did not disappoint me.

I really wanted to try to do the camera multiple exposure last night, but had a few distractions and forgot about it. I will try next time and see if it is better ;o=)

The images in my post today of Lightning over the NYC skyline where all created with the Lightning Bug. If you are interested in the unit you can receive free shipping by using the following code at checkout: scandelariof12



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