USA Total Solar Eclipse 2024

Great American Total Solar Eclipse

Total Solar Eclipse 24 VT A
Total Solar Eclipse 24 VT – A progression of photographs captured during the Great American Eclipse on April, 08, 2024. As seen from Vermont in New England from 14:11:00 – 16:38:01.

A lot of planning and learning had to be done to prepare for what promised to be an extraordinary experience for us in the United States, Mexico and Canada.

That was… if mother nature cooperated with the weather for the event on April 8, 2024. Typically showers are common in the month of April in our neck of the woods. But I was hopeful and wanted to be as prepared as I possibly could.

Total Solar Eclipse 24 VT – The moon begins to cross the sun creating what I call a pac-man like shape. 😉

At the last minute we had to change our plans a few times and quickly move to new locations in order to accommodate mother nature’s latest weather plans, which continued to change by the hour. But all of the preparations and hard work paid off and it was perfect at the end of the day.

Solar Eclipse Totality
Solar Eclipse Totality – The Moon crosses over the sun the Great American Eclipse on April, 08, 2024. Last few seconds before totality. The sun flare on the bottom left side is approximately the size of the diameter of planet earth.

It was an experience I will forever remember. It far exceeded my expectations for sure. It was amazing and lots of fun in a great location and I was surrounded by amazing company.

This close up view shows sun flares visible through the topography of the surface of the moon seconds before totality.

Totality was EPIC but I loved being able to capture my pac-man’s like sun shapes since I used to play the video game many years ago.

Thank you God for allowing us to witness such a spectacular show, and thank you to my amazing family and friends for all the support, prayers and encouragement to help me photograph a once in a lifetime event for many.

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